Hi guys! I sent this note to the email on file for your order, on Tuesday, July 28th at 9:30 AM CST. If you ordered after that, please see below! ~Ava

Ava's Pet Palace Update


I know a lot of you have been very patiently waiting for your treats and I am happy to say that I am now through my big days of orders (June 5th - 830, June 6th - 400 and June 7th & 8th - about 400 more)! I've sent over 7000 bags of treats since I started shipping on June 29th! That is a LOT of treats! AND, guess what??? My treats will be in 10 new stores and shelters around the country soon!

I'm so thankful to the small group of people who've helped me. I'd still be baking order number 200 if it wasn't for them (and my new commercial oven and mixer ). I'm also happy that I have such nice customers and pup/kitty friends who have waited very patiently for their treats, sent me encouraging messages and that have continued to share my business! I've never had so many orders and honestly just underestimated the amount of time it would take to make all of the orders.

Every single June order will be shipped by the end of next week. And we'll start July orders right after! We print the shipping labels at all hours of the day and night and sometimes 3-4 days before actually shipping, because it takes hours and hours to print all of the labels, but once we print yours, you will receive a shipping confirmation email!

I plan to open the salmon snack waitlist on August 10th. I'll send an email to everyone on the list when I know for sure!

I'm happy I'll be done before school starts again! That was one of my goals. The summer has really flown by since I've been so busy with my orders! But seeing all of the positive reviews and happy pups and kitties on my social media accounts and in my email has made this an awesome summer! Thank you for being a part of it!

~Ava xoxoxo

Hi guys! I sent this note to the email on file for your order, on Monday, July 13th at 8:00 AM CST. If you ordered after that, please see below! ~Ava

Special Update


My customers are my first priority - that’s why I want to keep you up to date and be upfront about your order status.


Thank you again for your support. This has been an extremely exciting time for me and my business. I've received orders every single day since June 5th and that makes me very happy! I don't like being behind and I am very sorry. And I promise everyone will receive their order.


Many people have emailed or messaged on social media about their orders and I have answered all of those inquiries.  Customer service is very important to me! I am 1 - 2 weeks behind my original estimate of 30 days to ship. This mainly applies to those who ordered between 6/5 and 6/22.


I'm really happy to announce that the last of the 833 orders from June 5th, which was over 4000 bags of treats, will be shipped by no later than tomorrow. The treats are all now made (we mix the dough, hand roll and cookie-cut, bake and bag every single treat ). The remainder of the June 6th orders will all be shipped later this week. These were my 2 biggest days and from there the numbers begin to lower significantly.


My normal shipping times are 3-5 days and I hope to be back there within July.

Once I'm caught up, we will open the Salmon Snacks for purchase! Everyone on the waitlist will receive an email when they can purchase.

~Ava xoxoxo


​“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

Hi guys! I sent this note to the email on file for your order, on Wednesday, July 1st at 12:00 PM CST. If you ordered after that, please see below! ~Ava


This is definitely not a normal time for my business as it continues to grow, but we are working very hard to get your orders out! 

As promised my bags did arrive the week of 6.22, but at the end of the week on Saturday! Since then, we have been working day and night (literally my parents have barely slept) to get orders out by the hundreds! As most of you know, I received over 1100 orders on June 5th and 6th and we are working to get those out this week! Please note that there will be a one day delay for shipping because of the July 4th Holiday. If you are ok waiting for your order that's awesome, but if not and you would like a refund, please just let me know at ava@avaspetpalace.com.

Thank you guys so much again for your support and patience.


xoxo Ava

Hi guys! I sent this note to the email on file for your order, on Saturday, June 13th around 3:00 PM CST. If you ordered after that, please see below! ~Ava

You guys are awesome!!!

I wanted to thank everyone so much for all of the support of my business this week! It has been unbelievable! And a special thank you to those of you who have been ordering from me for years! I've received so many cute pics of your pups and kitties and have really enjoyed seeing them all! If you signed up for my newsletter you might see them in the next one!


I also wanted to update everyone on your orders. I am set to receive my bags the week of June 22nd! I buy them from Wisconsin, so they should be here in one day after they ship! As soon as they arrive, we will start to ship orders priority mail and they should arrive in 1-3 days depending on where you live. International orders will take a few more days to arrive. If you can't wait and would like a refund, I totally understand. Just reply to this email. I just want everyone to be happy!

If you ordered only the Salmon Snacks, I reordered some of my current bags and labels, because I knew I could get those quickly, and will start to send those next week! If you're on the Salmon Snacks waitlist, I plan to open sales back up once all of these orders are out! We have a LOT of salmon to hand-cut!

When your treats ship, you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number sent to your email!

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