Welcome to Ava's Pet Palace!


Ava’s Pet Palace is a company based in greater Chicago that focuses on organic, non-GMO pet treats for dogs and cats. Ava’s Pet Palace was started by Ava Dorsey, a 13-year-old kidpreneur, at just 8 years old! Unlike most of the dog and cat treats in stores, Ava’s Pet Palace treats are made in small batches and are 100% organic.



Hi guys! I can't believe the amount of love and support I've received in the last few months. It's really exciting! Thousands of followers and likes and messages and over 3000 orders! I ask that you please be patient as I send and prepare orders! I hand cookie-cut every single treat and all of these orders are a lot of cutting! But, thankfully, I have a little help! I plan to send them all within 20 days.

xoxoxoxo Ava

My Treat Dispenser Shirts are now for sale!!! 25% of the proceeds from the sale of this tee in October and November will be donated! Check my social media to see which organizations I'm donating too!


My best sellers are below, but you can find my full shop here!

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